Welcome to……

Dual Blessing holds a strong belief of

“Instead of giving fish,

We teach how to fish”.

Going through ups and downs

We are walking into

 the 20th year of service,
served more than 5000 vulnerable individuals.

Our service target include those of:

physical disability, vision Impairment,
deaf or hard of hearing, intellectual disability,
acquired brain injury, autism spectrum disorder,
Ex-drug addicts, elderly, low-income family, indigenous group.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic,
Many industries are affected economically.

As a charitable organization,
Dual Blessing is facing even greater challenge.

How should we care for

Nearly 80 disabled members and employees?

With that,

99 Forever Angel was established.

In this fast-changing world,
What will be forever (99)?  

Only LOVE, can be endless.

Has it ever cross your mind that
You can help a vulnerable friend who is actively rebuilding life,
By becoming a 
light of hope for their future, 
With just RM 9.90 or RM 99.

Taking rebuilding life as our core mission

We strongly believe that 
all lives
are invaluable,
with dignity!

By providing 
vocational training
We equip the
mentally-disabled person,
ex-drug addicts 

with skills to reintegrate into workplace,
To achieve independence in life!

Our training and service include:
IT Training
Pastry Making
Accessible Transportation Service
Welfare Service
Recycling Service

 To sustain 

the operations and development
of Dual Blessing Bhd,
To continue our services,

We have to work very hard to

Besides working on transforming
toward a social enterprise 

99 Forever Angel
holds the belief that "Many a little makes a mickle".
With the accumulation of many small efforts, we can achieve big.
Dual Blessing hope to be the portal to gather love and kindness
To be the beacon of hope for the vulnerable groups forever.

Our ultimate goal is to help the
underprivileged groups all over Malaysia
To find a value in life
Promote the power of life education
And to
influence the world.

To be a part of 99 Forever Angel,
You may support us by becoming our
Lovely Angel at RM9.90/month,
Or if you are more financially capable,
You may support us by joining us as a
Great Angel at RM99/month.

Step 1: Sign up for free 
to become a Lovely Angel

Be Our Angel & Spread The Love

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